6D Tape Inc has been granted patent number US11096817 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its technology. The Finland-based health technology company plans to market it in the United States by signing a sales and marketing cooperation agreement with Petaluma, Calif-based Exertools Inc.

The innovation, 6D Tape is designed to work in six directions. It features handles and is skin-friendly, making it well suited for lymphatic therapy, physical therapy, and active self-care. The unique 6D Tape handles allow manipulation that stimulates lymph flow, blood circulation, fasciae, scar tissue, muscles, and joints. 6D Tape can be used as an aid in the following conditions: recovery from injury, ease joint and muscle pain, reduce nerve compression and swelling, and help with constricting scar tissue, according to the company in a news release.

“6D Tape offer many ways for manipulating tissues. The handles are a unique design that allows tissue to be moved in six directions along the X, Y and Z axes: forward and back, side to side, up and down, as well as twisting around the axis. Similar movements are not possible by hand manipulations nor with any other conventional tapes. The effects and effectiveness of 6D Tape have been proven scientifically.”

— Jussi Karkela, 6D Tape Inc Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

“We have not seen this kind of a revolutionary product for years. The benefits of the new 6D Tape are unprecedented from the therapists, patients, and consumers point of view. The patent of the 6D Tape Inc. creates significant added value and enables us to address the US market effectively.”

–Eric Parsells, Founder & President of Exertools Inc

” We are proud that USPTO has recognized the uniqueness of our 6D Tape technology and granted this patent. The granted US patent is a major milestone in our international development. By co-operating with the Exertools Inc. we aim to build USA wide distribution network so that everybody in need of 6D Tape will get it in the USA.”

— Dr. Tapani Taskinen, Founder & CEO of 6D Tape Inc

[Source: 6D Tape]

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