Flex Pharma Inc introduces HOTSHOT, a sports shot specifically formulated to help prevent and treat muscle cramps.

Neuroscientist and endurance athlete Rod MacKinnon, along with Harvard neurobiology professor Bruce Bean, developed the recipe of organic Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) activator ingredients that are formulated to help boost Neuro Muscular Performance—ie, how an athlete’s nerves and muscles work together in an optimal way, according to a media release from Flex Pharma.

The TRP activator ingredients in Hotshot stimulate TRP ion channels in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach that directly influence and regulate nerve function.

Bruce Bean, PhD, Harvard Medical School Professor of Neurophysiology and Flex Pharma Co-founder and Scientific Advisory Board Co-Chair, and Tom Wessel, MD, Neurologist and Flex Pharma chief medical officer, discussed the new product during the symposium, “Etiology and Treatment of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps,” at the recent American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Boston, the release notes.

Per the company, HOTSHOT will be marketed to endurance athletes.

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[Source(s): Flex Pharma Inc, Business Wire]