SportGait, a brain wellness and medical technology company, announces the release of their mobile application designed to aid medical professionals, coaches and parents with concussion support and recovery tools. SportGait is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

“Every seven seconds there is a sports related concussion. At SportGait, we wanted to tackle the epidemic of concussion and provide a best-in-class and researched-back App to help assist athletes, parents, caretakers, coaches, athletic trainers and medical providers with concussion support and recovery tools.”

— SportGait President and CEO Chris Newton

SportGait offers access to a scientifically curated array of clinically proven assessments and concussion education. Users can perform symptom testing, gait testing, and cognitive testing all on one platform, a media release from SportGait explains.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use

With the goal of making sports safer for everyone, SportGait’s research-backed technology is designed with patients and parents in mind. Clear visuals and sophisticated algorithms give users a clear, comprehensive visual of their condition, and high precision means that even acute incidents are recorded.

Directly through the app, users gain access to multidisciplinary care from physicians, concussion specialists, and sports medicine specialists in order to support real-time decisions. SportGait experts can even develop personalized concussion programs to meet patients with the best individual care.

A parent/athlete dashboard ensures athletes are ready to play with a concussion education section that must be read and signed, and baseline testing that will be free for the remainder of 2021. The app also assists in measuring behaviors, monitoring progress, and treating concussion impact, the release continues.

[Source(s): SportGait, PR Newswire]