Intellirod Spine announces the launch of iLink, a Bluetooth-enabled sensor module that can be attached to any brace (spinal or scoliosis), orthotic or prosthetic to measure wearing compliance, upright posture time and mobility daily through a free smartphone app. Hourly data are transmitted once a day to the cloud for remote access by physicians through a secure web portal. A dashboard identifies non-compliant patients at a glance and enables patient feedback without the need for a visit. “Parents can load the app on their phone and track their child’s wearing time daily. We normally see these patients every three to six months, and we lose that treatment time if our patient is non-compliant,” says Dr. Randy Puno, spine surgeon at Norton Leatherman Spine Center, in a media release from Intellirod Spine. “For the post-spine surgery patient, getting them up and moving is so important to their successful outcomes and in avoiding complications,” adds Dr Chris Karas, neurosurgeon at OhioHealth. “That’s why we asked Intellirod to also detect upright posture time and mobility, so we have actionable data for improving outcomes.” Intellirod CEO Ric Navarro shares that, “We’re taking today’s orthotics and turning them into tomorrow’s ‘smart’ orthotics, enabling the patients, orthotists and clinicians to take charge of the data and information provided by iLink to improve outcomes. And with new remote patient monitoring CPT codes for 2019, the payers are finally incentivizing this more cost-efficient means of patient care.” [Source(s): Intellirod Spine]