A new Mayo Clinic study reviewed the types and severity of injuries among youth ice hockey players. The study examined the variety of injuries and determined fractures and concussions to be the most frequent, with a number of these injuries requiring surgery and hospitalization. The study reviewed patients over a 16-year period who were evaluated at a pediatric trauma center after enduring an injury while playing ice hockey.

While fractures and head injuries were the most common, differences were found based on age and gender. For example, older boys were more likely to present with an extremity injury, while girls of all ages and younger children were more likely to present with concussion symptoms.

Michael Ishitani, MD, author of the study, explains, “Most injuries occurred in boys and older children, though approximately 20 percent occurred in girls, which is higher than previously reported.” Overall, the number of life-threatening injuries was small.

Ishitani encourages coaches and parents to ensure ice hockey players wear appropriate equipment and learn to play with respect for their opponents. He states, “I encourage parents and coaches to remember that kids are out there to develop their skills, be a part of a team, and develop into mature young men and women.”

Source: Mayo Clinic