USA Karate officially announces a partnership with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in producing award-winning global education innovation, to further understanding of the invisible injury of concussions.

USA Karate is the national governing body (NGB) for the sport of Karate in the United States. Their mission is to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence and to promote and grow the sport of Karate in the United States while maintaining the well-being of their members. USA Karate joins 22 US Olympic and Paralympic Committee National Governing Bodies to disseminate the CrashCourse concussion education to its population of coaches, athletes and the larger sports community.

TeachAids creates breakthrough technology to solve persistent problems in health educationaround the world. Their products are designed with input from a team of world-class academics, researchers, medical experts, and sports industry professionals associated with leading organizations and institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, UCSF and beyond. TeachAids has developed CrashCourse, a suite of interactive products focused on the prevention and treatment of concussions and related mental health issues.

This education has been designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about concussions. CrashCourse products include scientific knowledge to help dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. They also serve as resources for athletic trainers, rehab specialists and physicians.

“USA Karate is excited to bring this concussion education to our members. The CrashCourse products bring important information in a form everyone can understand. Knowledge is critical to keeping our athletes safe,” says Phil Hampel, CEO OF USA Karate. 

“We are proud to partner with USA Karate. Their dedication and commitment to promoting safety and well-being is commendable. Together we’ll make great strides in helping to educate our athletes, coaches and parents.”  adds Dr. Piya Sorcar, Founder and CEO of TeachAids. The CrashCourse curriculum will now be instituted for free throughout USA Karate’s network nationwide.