The recently launched public service announcement (PSA) “Tackling TBI” features patient and veteran advocate Montel Williams, as well as NFL player Marvin Washington.

In the PSA, Williams and Washington remind viewers that a TBI can range in severity and have symptoms that can take years to progress. With that in mind, they say it is important to speak with a physician if they think they have experienced a brain injury.

“Currently more than 5.3 million Americans in the US live with a lifelong disability as a result of a TBI, and there are 1.7 million new cases each year,” says Williams, in a media release from Helius Medical Technologies Inc, which, along with the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), launched the PSA.

“Our goal is to ensure that the public at large understands the problem and that patients and caregivers understand where to go for resources that can help,” Williams adds.

“We are proud to partner on the launch of this PSA initiative to raise awareness and understanding of brain injury,” states Susan Connors, president and chief executive officer of BIAA, per the release.

“A diagnosis of TBI can be the start of a misdiagnosed and misunderstood neurological disease. We need to continue to provide help, hope, and healing for the millions of Americans who sustain this life-altering, sometimes devastating, injury.”

[Source(s): Helius Medical Technologies Inc, Business Wire]