in partnership with TeachAids, HitCheck — a mobile app that allows clinicians and trainers to baseline and screen for cognitive assessment — now offers the concussion education platform CrashCourse for free to its users.

Upon taking the course, users will receive a completion certificate showcasing their knowledge on the prevention and treatment of concussions. 

“We created CrashCourse in collaboration with more than 100 medical, science and sport industry experts to improve understanding and awareness of concussions among athletes, parents and coaches.”

— Dr. Piya Sorcar, Founder and CEO of TeachAids

The curriculum utilizes state-of-the-art technology and interactive features to appeal to and engage athletes as they learn how to identify and respond to concussion injuries. The product is unique not only in its visual technology but also in that it speaks from the athlete’s perspective on the importance of reporting a concussion to a coach, athletic trainer or parent.

Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck takes standardized cognitive testing methods and translates them into short, simple mobile assessment exercises users can take immediately whenever and wherever an injury is suspected. Each test measures a specific aspect of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, reaction time, etc. Once the test is complete, HitCheck captures, records and compares these objective, quantitative results with prior performance and highlights changes in brain functions that may require additional medical attention, a media release from HitCheck explains.

“We are excited to offer HitCheck users access to CrashCourse–a free education and certification program that will provide an amazing experience for athletes, coaches and parents to learn what a concussion is and how to identify and respond. Providing the ability to educate athletes and coaches on early detection of a concussion will help them understand the importance of a healthy brain.”

— CEO of HitCheck, Mike Piha

For more information, visit HitCheck.

[Source: HitCheck]

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