Rich-Mar, based in Chattanooga, Tenn, has announced the availability of new videos displaying its GelShot, Hydra-Therm Heating Unit, and Hydra-Heat Packs.

According to the videos, the variety of adaptor shapes and sizes are intended to ensure that the GelShot ultrasound technology is compatible with most ultrasound devices. The product features a locking ring design to allow it to easily slide into the adaptor and a 360-degree of applicator mobility on any treatment site. The product also aims to allow users the ability to bypass ultrasound gel to provide greater dosage control, clean application, and no cross contamination.

The Hydra-Therm Heating Unit features a circulation drain pump that prevents water from sitting stagnant, keeping it cleaner and providing an even distribution of heat across all hot packs for quicker warm up. Crafted from a high grade, temperature resistant polymer, the product is also designed to neither rust nor dent, according to the video. It also offers a digital thermostat to provide the therapist complete control over treatment temperatures. To replace the water, the built-in pump is engineered to quickly empty the unit.

The Hydra-Heat Packs have been redesigned, and the video notes that they are created and tested for heavy clinical use. Various shapes and sizes allow the product to conform to the unique curves and contours of the patient’s body for improved surface area contact. Additionally, the product’s innovative gel inside allows it to keep its original shape or consistency. A low-heat loss polymer is intended to allow the pack to absorb heat, rather than water, providing up to 45 minutes of continuous therapeutic treatment with less time spent re-heating each pack.

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Source: Rich-Mar