HydroWorx offers the webinar “Using Aquatic Therapy to Avoid the One-and-Done Patient,” led by Keith Ori and Teresa Kropp from Orthopedic Rehab Inc in Kalispell, Mont, which will take place October 11 from 1 to 2 pm EDT.

During the webinar, Ori and Kropp will discuss ways that aquatic therapy can be used to improve patient compliance with therapy and increase patient recovery.

Topics discussed, according to a media release from HydroWorx, include: How low-functioning, non- or low-weight bearing patients feel when exercising in the water; How to identify people most likely to stop returning to physical therapy; and ways to develop new strategies to engage patients hesitant to continue with physical therapy.

Additional topics to be discussed include: Why water makes an ideal treatment environment for individuals not “sold” on land-based rehabilitation; best practices for using aquatic therapy as a tool to foster physical and mental success in an effort to keep patients coming back; and how to attract and build aquatic therapy referrals from physicians.

To register for the free webinar, visit HydroWorx.

[Source(s): HydroWorx, PRWeb]