Bellevue, Wash-based ICAN launches ICANational, which aims to make its speech, occupational, and physical therapy accessible to every child in Washington state via telehealth.

ICANational is the first step in a national effort to expand ICAN’s reach, according to a media release. It uses a HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform and ensures children can safely and effectively receive treatment regardless of location, schedule and transportation needs. ICANational also facilitates safe and effective treatment for high-risk patients who cannot safely receive care in traditional facilities due to being immunocompromised.

Initially designed in response to COVID-19 to ensure current patients could continue care, the program received consistent patient satisfaction feedback and outcomes similar to in-clinic scores. As a result, ICAN turned its telehealth sessions into a comprehensive program that’s now accessible for all Washingtonians.

For more information, visit ICAN.

[Source(s): ICAN, PR Newswire]