Physitrack Limited, an eHealth provider, has announced that it has raised $1.6 million from investors for the global expansion of its rehabilitation platform. According to a Physitrack news release, has raised the fund in an oversubscribed capital raising to a group of investors, including Crown Ocean Capital. Physitrack has developed a new platform for home exercise programming, which is designed to help patients follow a home exercise rehabilitation program in consultation with healthcare professionals such as physical therapists.

The program is accessed via a smartphone, computer, or tablet in real time, and Physitrack features a video library of over 600 exercises in high definition. Clinicians can use these exercises to build specific home exercise programs customized to meet individual patient needs. Programs such as this can improve patient adherence, which in turn leads to better clinical outcomes, as indicated on the Physitrack news release.

The Physitrack news release notes that the capital raising strengthens Physitrack’s financial base and supports the expansion of the business into Asia-Pacific, the UK and the United States.

Nathan Skwortsow, founder and chief technology officer of Physitrack, states, “We are very proud of the confidence the investment community has in our company and technology. With this additional funding, we can expand the availability of our rehabilitation platform globally and further strengthen our current position in the United States via telemedicine providers VSPN. In the US, more than 100 clinics are using Physitrack, including the Osteoarthritic Centers of America.”

Source: Physitrack