Luna, a provider of on-demand physical therapy, announces a partnership with SCL Health to deliver outpatient rehabilitation care in the home setting throughout the greater Denver service area.

Via the partnership with Luna, SCL Health patients will conveniently schedule and receive physical therapy in the comfort of their own home.

As an extension of SCL Health’s outpatient physical therapy clinics in the Denver area, patients will gain the opportunity to use Luna’s technology platform to request an appointment and then be matched to a local therapist based on specialty, geography, schedule, and other factors, according to a media release.

“The Luna platform enables SCL Health to extend the reach of our physical therapy services, making them more convenient and accessible to patients who prefer the delivery of care to them at home.”

— Tajquah Hudson, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, SCL Health

Therapists using the Luna platform create individualized care plans for each patient, communicate with the patient between appointments, prescribe exercises, and track overall recovery. The same therapist will work with the patient until the end of the treatment plan, ensuring consistent and quality care.

“The status quo in physical therapy is not working for most patients. Physical therapy is often just as important as the procedure itself, so patients who do not complete their treatment plan are at increased risk of poor outcomes. They are often forced to wait too long before starting their physical therapy care, and 70 percent never complete their full treatment plan. We are proud to work with SCL Health to help them ensure that their patients have access to quality care when and where they need it.”

— Palak Shah, co-founder and head of clinical operations at Luna

Luna matches patients to a therapist based on specialty, geography, schedules, and other factors through its technology platform. Luna’s network of local physical therapists provides the same high-quality care in the home that might be administered in a traditional clinic. Therapists will visit the patient at the time and location of the patient’s choosing, and the same physical therapist will treat the patient for the entire treatment plan.

Between visits, patients can use the Luna platform to communicate with therapists, set next appointment times, perform therapist-prescribed exercises, and track the recovery process.

[Source(s): Luna, PR Newswire]

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