Practice management software PtEverywhere now includes insurance claim processing flexible revenue cycle management.

PtEverywhere, an all-in-one practice management software system for physical therapy clinics, has released a new solution to make insurance billing and claim processing easy and accessible. Now, clinic owners can streamline and simplify the management of their clinic’s entire billing workflow, from receiving payments and dealing with insurers to paying staff and clinic bills. 

“I think a lot of clinic owners feel forced by paperwork into one kind of billing method, either through insurance or a cash-based model,” says Jeff Vajay, founder of Smart Athlete Physiotherapy clinic. “Now, PtEverywhere allows me to choose a billing method that works best for my clinic and for my patients. I can easily set the system to bill as cash-based, insurance-based, or a hybrid of the two.”

Billing has long been a challenge for medical providers, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that billing errors waste about $487 billion each year. With built-in insurance claims processing, clinics can spend more time focusing on patient care and outcomes, and less time bogged down by administrative processes and tasks.  

For hybrid private practices using PtEverywhere, clinic owners can now manage both their in-network and cash-based entities from a single, unified practice management solution. 

“Our customers need to successfully run their businesses, and they’re telling us what they want from our software to help them get there. The addition of insurance claims processing to PtEverywhere ensures that our customers, the clinic owners, are in control of how they want to operate–and not the other way around,” says Michael Le, CEO of PtEverywhere.

With new insurance billing capabilities, customers can create and scrub electronic claims and receive electronic remittance advice (ERA) information for Medicare, Medicaid, and thousands of private insurance companies through just one claims management application. Additionally, PtEverywhere is designed to help customers significantly decrease payer rejections by identifying and preventing most claims errors before submission.