The Protonics T2 Exoskeleton is engineered to minimize right-side dominance and to place one’s body in a balanced biomechanical state.

Simply place the exoskeleton on the left leg. Built-in sensors and the T2 Software App enable users to set the resistance level; perform exercises; monitor one’s body position and receive feedback; and record one’s performance, including good reps versus bad reps and other variables.

The exoskeleton acts to reinforce the correct muscle firing pattern and enable the wearer to perform in a balanced state, even after its removal, per the product’s website.

Additional features include haptic/visual alert hardware, a T2 Magfit Attachment System for individualized sizing and quick attach/detach, and Protonics T2 Training Software.

The exoskeleton is now available for preorder on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

[Source(s): Protonics Technologies, PR Newswire]