Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) announces its partnership with NY-based technology startup Boston Biomotion to further develop its robotic performance training and rehabilitation platform.

The relationship was developed as part of the HSS Global Innovation Institute model for working with early stage companies to translate HSS knowledge into innovation, and makes Boston Biomotion an HSS Innovation Partner.

This means that Boston Biomotion now has access to expert insight from leaders from the Global Innovation Institute, Performance Training, Rehabilitation, and Motion Analysis teams, as well as clinicians and researchers, to further develop the platform.

Boston Biomotion’s goal with the platform, which provides advanced data analytics, is to build a smart physical assessment and functional strength-training tool in a single device that produces real time, objective, and automated performance and strength measurements while providing dynamic resistance independent of gravity, notes a media release from Hospital for Special Surgery.

“HSS has a long history of pioneering innovations that impact patient care and experience,” says Leonard Achan RN, MA, ANP, chief innovation officer at HSS, in the release. “We look forward to working on continued co-development and knowledge transfer with Boston Biomotion’s team that supports the creation of new and viable healthcare solutions.”

“We are honored to work closely with this world-class institution and team,” states Sam Miller, founder and CEO of Boston Biomotion, in the release. “As innovation partners, we look forward to developing valuable solutions that improve human performance, the understanding of physical strength, and the treatment efficiency of rehab, exercise, and sport training for both the individual and care provider.”

[Source(s): Hospital for Special Surgery, PR Newswire]