Vicon announces Nexus 2.9, a major update to its motion capture software that brings with it reportedly the first fully integrated release of the Conventional Gait Model 2 (CGM2).
The new CGM2, developed by a team of researchers at the University of Salford, builds on the strength of the Vicon Plug-in Gait (PiG), ­ the current industry standard in CGM implementation ­ without sacrificing existing workflows.

With Nexus 2.9, users will still be able to process their existing data using PiG, while also gaining access to the CGM2’s improved accuracy, repeatability and more modern methodologies in order to produce better data analysis, the company reports in a media release.

The CGM2 updates several areas of the existing model, with the goal of improving the outputs while maintaining backward compatibility with the original CGM. The inclusion of PiG and CGM2 within Nexus 2.9 was also designed as a bridge to the future.

CGM2_Nexus 2.9

“The approach used by the researchers at Salford University made this project a bridge between the existing model and the new CGM2,” says Derek Potter, Vicon’s head of product management, in the release.

The CGM2 project was developed by Dr Fabien Leboeuf and a group of researchers at the University of Salford, with external funding provided by Vicon. Following its initial unveiling in 2016, development on the CGM2 has continued, bringing additional functionality with each new iteration. Updates have included a new two-segment foot model, inclusion of selected upper limb markers and an improved approach to estimating hip joint center locations. An open source version of the CGM2 was released in late 2018, but Nexus 2.9 marks the first integration of the new model and offers a clear workflow to easily collect and process data, per the release.

“From CGM2 to all the other new features, Nexus 2.9 offers something for everyone — and best of all, users won’t need to sacrifice anything to get the benefits,” states states Dr Kim Duffy, Vicon life sciences product manager.

Along with the CGM2, Nexus 2.9 also incorporates several community-requested features, including support for labeling the hybrid CAST model, a new data quality indicator in the data management pane, and a mirror video view function.

[Source: Vicon]