Casamba, a provider of electronic medical record (EMR) solutions for skilled nursing facilities (SNF), home health agencies, outpatient therapy and contract therapy providers, announces it has added HIPAA One to its partner network.
As part of the Casamba network, HIPAA One – a provider of HIPAA compliance software, third-party validation of controls, and data security services – will make its service available immediately to users of Casamba Skilled, Casamba Clinic, and Casamba Home & Hospice.

The company uses cloud-based technology to support organizations’ HIPAA requirements while guaranteeing clients will pass their HIPAA audits. In addition, HIPAA One provides policies and procedures necessary to assist those in long-term care with the required compliance structure they need, notes a media release from Casamba.

“HIPAA compliance is always a concern for clients. With the changing technology and payment landscape in post-acute care, staying compliant is as big an issue as ever. With HIPAA One, our customers now have access to a leading-edge solution that streamlines the compliance process and stands by their offering with a guarantee,” says Luis Montes, Casamba’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships.

“We are thrilled to partner with Casamba, a leading EMR solution across the post-acute continuum,” states Garrett Hall, SVP of Strategy, HIPAA One, the release continues.

“We share Casamba’s goal of offering simplified, streamlined solutions to customers. HIPAA One’s cloud-based solution will help simplify and automate the HIPAA compliance process for Casamba’s customers through our software-driven, auditor-supported approach to Security Risk Assessments,” Hall adds.

[Source: Casamba]