When it comes to streamlining the operations of a physical therapy practice, software technology can be a game changer. Practice management software can help handle appointment scheduling, patient registration, clinical encounters, and billing, so that physical therapists can spend more time with clients. Practices benefit from improved levels of clarity, efficiency, and compliance through software features such as report templates for patient results, referrals, appointment cancellations, resource use, and more. Use this information to explore the advantages of upgrading or investing in a tool that can add value to any practice.

Adaptable EMR

TheraOffice, Westmont, Ill, created TheraOffice software to be an adaptable EMR for rehab. With scheduling, documentation, billing, and clinical reporting capabilities, utilize one platform to manage an entire practice. The fully integrated, single-sign-on application can enable improvement in clinical workflow and business performance with a focus on achieving exceptional compliance. TheraOffice is an HL7-compliant solution that supports multi-deployment architecture.

For more information, contact TheraOffice (866) 562-8413, ext 1; www.TheraOffice.com

Relationship-Building Solution

Weave, Lehi, Utah, is a relationship-building solution for clinics that provides advanced texting, automated reminders, email marketing tools, reviews, and more. Weave’s VoIP phones and software are engineered to integrate with a current practice management system, giving staff instant access to what they need to know for each patient the moment they call. Additionally, Weave software offers a complete toolbox—eight systems in one—where all communication tools exist. From integrated phone and texting, to automated missed-call texts, collecting reviews and receiving payments, Weave helps practices master their communication with patients.

For more information, contact Weave, (866) 260-5158; www.getweave.com/home

Customizable and Competitive

MWTherapy, Wellesley Mass, offers a true all-in-one PT software platform with new features arriving consistently. The system includes a clean interface, uber-customizable EMR, patient portal online bill pay, built-in billing, email statements, outcomes, virtual check-in, text reminders, marketing tools, and tons of reports. MWTherapy is focused on helping a practice be efficient and effective at every step. Plus, it’s priced to be competitive. Free demos available.

For more information, contact MWTherapy, (800) 627-1261; https://www.mwtherapy.com

Fully Integrated Practice Management

Raintree Systems, Temecula, Calif, offers a fully integrated practice management and EMR platform built specifically for the therapy industry. With a full suite of software tools for providers, administrators, and billers, Raintree solutions provide a complete business software platform for any therapy practice—regardless of size. Designed to be intuitive and simple, it can streamline all aspects of a practice, simplify billing processes, and give practice administrators the tools, resources, and reports needed to manage complex and growing therapy practices with the goal of helping to increase revenue and improve patient care.

For more information, contact Raintree Systems Inc, (951) 252-9400; www.raintreeinc.com

Cloud-Based Rehab Therapy Solution

Net Health Therapy from Net Health, Pittsburgh, is an all-in-one, cloud-based rehab therapy EHR that serves clinicians across private practice, hospital outpatient, and acute care settings. The solution offers fully integrated PT/OT/SLP streamlined scheduling and customizable workflows to guide clinicians through the documentation process quickly to improve compliance, boost efficiency, and grow revenue. Available features include powerful practice management tools, reporting, outcomes management tool (FOTO), reputation management, patient portal with videoconferencing and secure messaging for telehealth, home exercise program with mobile app, and automated appointment reminders to improve patient engagement. Net Health Digital Marketing Services helps build digital presence and credibility for PT clinics and offers websites, local search, SEO, online reputation management, paid media, and more.

For more information, contact Net Health, (800) 411-6281; www.nethealth.com

Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software

Practice Perfect, with offices in New York City and Concord, Ontario, Canada, offers Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software as a solution that can maintain clinical records, monitor Accounts Receivable, track payment promises, automate schedules and waiting lists, remind patients electronically about upcoming appointments, alert users to non-compliant patients, report on outcome statistics, track referral sources, and evaluate clinician productivity and key operational benchmarks. Ensure completion of easily entered daily notes and charges, automate MIPS, and integrate with FOTO. Automated texting campaigns to clients can help find lost revenue. Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software is engineered to provide functions that help practices go paperless, lower costs, store client documents for easy retrieval, and enjoy fully customizable documentation.

For more information, contact Practice Perfect, (877) 510-7473; www.practiceperfectemr.com

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