Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO), a Net Health company, announced that it has been approved for the 13th consecutive year by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a data registry for CMS payment programs, and for the third consecutive year as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2021.

According to CMS, a “QCDR is a CMS-approved vendor that is in the business of improving health care quality . . . One of the ways QCDRs can help to improve the quality of care patients receive is by collecting clinical data from clinicians and reporting this data to CMS on their behalf for purposes of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).” 

The 2021 QCDR designation enables physical and occupational therapists (PTs and OTs) to submit MIPS data for the 2021 performance year. Therapy providers may select from 20 quality measures, including 10 outcome measures, that are highly applicable to therapy care as well as reporting improvement activities that reward ongoing efforts for clinical quality improvement and monitoring.

FOTO has provided a CMS-approved registry each year since 2009 and continuous MIPS registry services since 2017. The FOTO QCDR provides dedicated expert support personnel and an intuitive, user-friendly feedback dashboard. Services provided include a fully automated registry to reduce the provider’s data entry burden and allow for seamless electronic connections, a media release from Net Health Systems Inc explains.

“The FOTO QCDR is a proven solution that assures thousands of therapists nationwide they can meet MIPS reporting requirements. We help therapists understand how to interpret and use their data to guide clinical decisions. This helps them optimize their outcomes, which benefits patients while helping to ensure they are fairly reimbursed for the high-quality care provided.”  

— Bettie Stone, MIPS Registry Specialist for Net Health

MIPS Data Highlights

FOTO QCDR users typically score in the top percentile in the industry due to the combination of intuitive dashboards and expert support for therapists on how to optimize care using MIPS data. For the 2019 MIPS performance year, which was the first year that therapy providers were able to participate in MIPS, those submitting data through FOTO met or exceeded all criteria, the release suggests. These include:

  • 47% of FOTO users reported receiving a perfect MIPS score of 100;
  • 77% made it to the MIPS Exceptional Performance category and were eligible for bonus payment adjustments; and
  • All FOTO users’ MIPS scores were well above the neutral payment threshold, resulting in the potential for positive payment adjustments.

“With COVID-19 continuing to impact therapists, we recognize there remains concern and uncertainty about MIPS reporting for 2021. FOTO’s long-standing experience as a CMS-approved registry and proven track record has made us the system of choice for trusted data collection and reporting. Therapists can rest assured we will help them through every step of the MIPS reporting process.”

— Bettie Stone

[Source(s): Net Health Systems Inc, PR Newswire]

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