Biodex Medical Systems Inc has introduced enhanced product software for the Balance System SD. The Balance System SD now features Automated G-Code Calculation and Impairment Level Reports, Enhanced Sensory Integration Balance Testing, new Normative Databases, and new Patient Data Collection capabilities.

The enhanced objective reporting includes impairment percent with associated modifier code, functional limitation G-code categories, and patient status (current or discharge). A news release from the company notes that therapists can use the reporting to efficiently manage patients and generate more detailed documentation of rehab effectiveness.

The Balance System SD can now perform both the CTSIB test and a modified version of a Balance Error Scoring System test of postural stability. Additionally, the release adds that custom sensory integration balance testing can be created to allow for modification of existing or creation of entirely new protocols with both tests.

The release also states that the availability of new normative databases allows for targeting of athletic and senior populations. New patient collection software utility allows for archiving of test records in patient folders and custom normative data can also be created.

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[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]