An advanced 2-day course presented by North American Seminars will focus on the current best practices for evaluation and treatment of hip disorders based on the latest evidence. The seminar will involve lecture and hands-on laboratory components, with a heavy emphasis on clinical application through the extended lab sessions and multiple case examples utilizing information learned in the course. Focus will be placed on the advanced skills needed to achieve an expert understanding of hip pathologies.

According to a North American Seminars course description, participants will learn through the lecture and laboratory sessions how to perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation, develop systematic treatment plans including the latest evidence-based interventions, and make appropriate referrals when necessary. In addition, current concepts of how the hip region may also play a role in other lower extremity injuries, such as patellofemoral pain syndrome, will also be discussed in the seminar.

There are a number of course objectives for this advanced course, including determining the best functional outcome indicator for their patient population, demonstrate and perform the proper hands-on special tests for the hip joint and understand their sensitivity, and demonstrate an expert and comprehensive understanding of hip-related disorders as described in the current literature.

Additional course objectives include understanding postoperative concerns pertaining to the hip, developing a comprehensive lower quarter program to achieve maximal functional return for a variety of patients, and developing an effective and efficient postoperative management strategy for each patient.

The 2-day seminar has several dates scheduled for 2014: August 23 to 24 in Los Altos, Calif; September 20 to 21 in St Louis; September 27 to 28 in Los Angeles; October 25 to 26 in Seattle; and November 8 to 9 in Indianapolis. For additional course information or to register for the educational event, visit

[Source: North American Seminars]