Online physical therapy education provider EDUCATA, Calabasas, Calif, and education planning and management services company CEU Records announce a partnership to help provide continuing education for PTs and PTAs.

“Time and again we have heard from therapists who are unsure as to what courses to take, how many CEs they need or where they saved a particular piece of paper that certifies they’ve taken a class,” says Patricia Evans, CEU Records CEO, in a media release. “It’s such a common problem and it runs across so many board-certified professions that we decided to create a company to address it head-on.”

“PTs and PTAs are usually too busy helping patients to spend a lot of time keeping track of where, how, and when they completed what CE requirement,” explains Marilyn Pink, EDUCATA CEO. “Now they can take courses at EDUCATA and choose to manage those CEs as well as the ones they accumulate from different sources through CEU Records’ central dashboard.”

By this partnership, visitors to the CEU Records website will be directed to EDUCATA for physical therapy courses, and visitors to EDUCATA will be directed to CEU Records for planning, record keeping, and the general management of their ongoing education, the release explains.

For more information, visit EDUCATA and CEU Records.

[Source(s): EDUCATA, CEU Records]