Cross Country Education will present “Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link tom Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation,” a 1-day seminar that will help clinicians develop effective strategies to teach dynamic stretching drills. The stretching drills will aid in increasing soft tissue contractibility and facilitation, tendon and ligament activation, and joint range of movement. Course participants will examine the benefits of dynamic stretching techniques and specific regimens for the upper and lower extremities.

The seminar will include multiple hands-on lab sessions, interactive lecture, and multimedia technology intended to provide participants with a solid grasp of “who and how-to” for using active stretching protocols when faced with any population for the enhancement of fitness, performance, injury prevention, or rehabilitation, according to an online course description. The course objectives include: identifying limitations of static stretching; comparing ballistic, statistic, and dynamic stretching modalities; and identifying how to combine dynamic stretching with PNF.

Additional course objectives include developing individualized programs for unique populations, such as athletes and rehabilitation clients, and discussing physiology and the impact of stretching on the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Course participants will also learn how to use dynamic stretching to increase endurance, speed, power, range of motion, and coordination as well as how to use dynamic stretching to reduce injuries and rehabilitate.

The “Dynamic Stretching” course will be June 17 and 18 in Wisconsin; June 19 in Illinois; and July 15, 16,and 17 in Texas. For additional course information or to register for the continuing education event, visit

[Source: Cross Country Education]