A 2-day advanced running course available through North American Seminars seeks to apply the most current optimal evidence-based information for the evaluation and treatment of running injuries. According to the North American Seminars website, the course’s information is delivered through a format that blends interactive lecture and comprehensive laboratory sessions. Through the analysis of the biomechanics of running via physical evaluation and video analysis, the course will help prep participants in the decision-making process required to develop comprehensive treatment programs.

The Running Course – The Next Step” will also present specific strategies in determining how to identify key elements in video gait analysis and how to apply the findings to improve running and gait. Time will also be spent reviewing types of video analysis equipment and software, as well as how to implement these technologies in the participant’s practice. Additionally, the course will emphasize running mechanics, performance, and how it pinpoint potential injuries through mechanical analysis.

The site states that once injuries have been identified, the discussion will turn to biomechanical and functional approaches to rehabilitation. Participants will be provided current evidence-based information regarding foot taping, shoe design, over-the-counter arch supports, and determining the need for the correct orthotics. The site notes that the course will also touch on age-related changes, tissue physiology, and abnormal mechanics are to help the clinician through a process of differential diagnosis to develop appropriate patient-specific solutions. Case studies will be presented throughout the 2 days in order to exhibit to participants the concepts and applications.

Course objectives include describing the mechanical factors that influence funning form and performance, the current evidence regarding running impacts and foot pronation as they relate to injuries. Additional objectives encompass understanding the individualistic nature of the running form and the need to avoid common generalizations in injury management, conducting a thorough physical examination of an injured runner incorporating aspects of the tissue stress theory, and utilizing and performing common foot and ankle taping techniques as part of the clinical process.

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The course will be held November 8 to 9 in Washington, DC, and November 15 to 16 in Worcester, Mass.

[Source: North American Seminars]