Concussion Health, based in Austin, Tex, announces the launch of a new certification course about the treatment of the visual and vestibular systems following a concussion.

The four-part series course, called “Visual Vestibular Function Integration Training (V2FIT),” takes an interdisciplinary approach focusing on cognition, balance/vestibular, and vision/oculomotor.

It also recognizes the importance of other factors that may interfere with concussion recovery, such as past medical history, migraines, previous head trauma, learning disorders, decreased neck strength, anxiety or depression. Additional factors to consider are sleep patterns, pain, and even diet, explains a media release from Concussion Health.

Developed by Mary McMains Beck, OD, MEd, FCOVD, and Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT, the certification course is divided into four parts, per the release: (1) visual vestibular functional integration training, (2) advanced treatment strategies and problem-solving difficult cases, (3) workshop with a concussion health specialist, and (4) examination.

The course will begin on November 2. Course registration opens October 21. A free live training call for participants to ask Beck and Wallace questions regarding vestibular concussion rehab will take place on October 21.

For more information, visit Concussion Health.

[Source(s): Concussion Health, PRWeb]