Bakersfield, Calif-based Townsend Design introduces the Dynamic Reliever medial compartment osteoarthritis knee brace for disproportional legs.

The lightweight (15 ounces) brace is designed with semi-rigid nylon shells that self-contour to the leg. Other features include soft adjustable straps, a dynamic telescopic hinge, an adjustable tibia shell bolster, and Speed Klips that connect the straps to the shell, according to the company’s website.

“Based on our patient testing, we know this brace fits intimately and doesn’t migrate, rotate, gap or piston,” says Steve Knecht, Townsend Design’s vice president of engineering, in a media release from the company.

“The corrective force is adjustable, and the telescopic hinge backs off the three point pressure when the patient is non-weight bearing. Ultimately, it reduces pain and enables patients to increase their involvement in routine activities of daily living,” he adds.

Ordering options include XS-SSL legs in three standard sizes, custom assembled braces for individual patients using different-size thigh and tibia shells, or a “12-pack” of shells to assemble at one’s own facility, per the website.

Townsend Design is a North American subsidiary of the Thuasne Group. For more information, visit Townsend Design.

[Source(s): Townsend Design, PR Newswire]