TheraGun launches the G2PRO, a revamped version of the G1 muscle treatment and recovery device, to aid vibration therapy treatment.

New features include an extended battery life and LED power indicator, an upgraded on/off switch, a superior inner motor system, a charger with two batteries, a variety of ball-bearing AmpBIT (patent pending) attachments for a diverse range of treatments, and a case.

Created by Dr Jason Wersland, the TheraGun G2PRO is designed to use localized vibration therapy to help treat muscular discomfort, facilitate faster muscle recovery, and improve mobility.

It is also engineered with a scientifically calibrated frequency to help interrupt the brain’s reception of pain signals, thereby reducing discomfort during the treatment process. As a result, the TheraGun could provide a more comfortable method to decrease lactic acid buildup, increase blood flow to the muscles, prevent against muscle spasms and break down scar tissue, according to a media release from TheraGun.

“Whether you are a professional athlete, personal trainer, weekend warrior, or nine-to-fiver, TheraGun’s strategic application of vibration therapy can bring major improvements to your everyday life,” Wersland shares in the release.

[Source: TheraGun]