Miracle Fruit Oil’s Vitabrace high performance, medical grade wristband — now available from Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea (SNG) — is designed to auto release nutrient-rich oil to help relieve pain and improve manual performance of the wrist.

The inner gel contains miracle fruit seed oil, derived from the miracle fruit (synsepalum dulcificum) berry.

Vitabrace can be used by gamers and those who spend a lot of time on the computer to help keep their wrists strong and agile, and help relieve pain, according to Special Needs Group in a media release.

“By distributing Vitabrace, we at SNG are pleased to help our clients experience less wrist pain and improve their daily living with more mobility, grip strength and more.

“As a comprehensive medical equipment and supply company with global reach, we are pleased to provide much more than rentals for cruises and hotel-resort destinations ― we offer the benefit of enhanced health and lifestyle.”  

— Andrew J. Garnett, founder, president & CEO of SNG

“We at Miracle Fruit Oil Company are very happy to partner with Special Needs Group to distribute Vitabrace.

“While Special Needs Group strives to provide an accessible world for its clients, Miracle Fruit Oil Company focuses on developing innovative products that are clinically proven to improve performance. All of our products are backed by science.”

— Elizabeth Resnick, CEO of Miracle Fruit Oil

Special Needs Group, PR Newswire]

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