Coming soon is the SOLEX Posture Roller, a posture corrector and foam roller all-in-one. Developed by California-based physical therapist, Dr. Aman Dhaliwal, the patented roller helps restore the spine’s natural curve and helps relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain.

According to Dr. Dhaliwal, traditional foam rollers are flat, unlike our curved spines, and are not designed to improve spine health and enhance overall body performance. The SOLEX Posture Roller is her innovative solution, made to bring the spine back to its natural alignment in just a few minutes of lying down, benefiting the body on many levels.

“In my 15 years treating the musculoskeletal system, I’ve seen firsthand the frustration from many patients when dealing with spine and other pain issues,” said Dr. Dhaliwal. “I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and design the right type of foam roller, one with curves that mimic the shape of our spines and provide quick relief without the need of unnecessary medication or surgery. It properly corrects postures by connecting to the entire spine and positively impacts our physical and mental well-being.”

Good posture is the first step to good spinal health. Systemic postural issues may account for shoulder/back pain, headaches, breathing restrictions, digestion disorders, poor confidence, and other common ailments.

Dhaliwal adds that spinal disorders might develop as we lose curves with wear and tear over time, reducing the spine’s ability to protect posture and our nerves that control essential bodily functions, such as sleeping, digestion and breathing. By strengthening the core muscles with the SOLEX Posture Roller and restoring the spine’s natural alignment, changes can be felt instantly with added benefits over time.

Lightweight and portable, use the SOLEX Posture Roller daily for two to five minutes to relieve tightness and tension, and help the spine return to its optimal position. This results in better circulation, decreased pain, increased mobility and a reduction in recovery time.

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