Stand Corrected is a harness-like stretching tool developed to help reduce the strain on the body resulting from hunching over various devices.

An article published in a scientific journal notes that, when tilted forward, the head puts more pounds of pressure on the neck than when upright.

This constant strain from tilting the head forward puts tremendous pressure on the neck, spine, and supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments, resulting in poor posture and general discomfort, suggests a media release from Product Launchers.

Stand Corrected, developed by a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, aims to help reverse the damage caused by poor posture.

The harness-like stretching tool is designed to utilize the weight of the user’s arms to help stretch and elongate shortened and tight muscles, correct posture, align the spine, and reduce pain.

Four loops (right and left) on each strap enable easy adjustment to fit any body type. It also features a foam tube to be placed across the back of the neck to encourage a healthy cervical curve.

“I’ve treated many, many people suffering from painful neck, back, and shoulder problems due to poor posture, frequently caused by the overuse of these tech devices. Although there are some other useful products available to health care practitioners designed to address this tech neck problem, I could never find one that was able to simultaneously stretch the neck and shoulders back, encourage the normal 40 degree forward curve of the neck, correct upper body posture in general, and at the same time also be portable, easy to use, effective, and inexpensive,” says Dr Tom Carpenter, inventor of Stand Corrected, in the release.

[Source: Product Launchers]