Between spending long hours on a computer, too much time spent hunched over my phone, and a tendency to schlep around New York City with a bag overloaded with stuff, my posture could stand to be corrected. Sure, I manage to fit in some spinal stretches and workouts a few days a week, but is that enough when the time I spend doing those posture-friendly activities is a tiny fraction of my day compared to all the typing/scrolling? Recently, I’ve been wondering if I should start using a posture corrector during the day while I’m at my desk.

I’ve noticed them everywhere from Amazon to Instagram. As a skeptical, yet curious, health writer, I decided to find out more about these trendy devices and whether they could really help train me to sit up straighter. So I spoke to a physical therapist Theresa Marko, DPT, founder of Marko Physical Therapy to find out if posture correctors work, or if they’re a waste of time and money.

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