ManagingLife, developer of the digital pain management solution Manage My Pain introduces the Pain Guide as part of its solution. The Pain Guide was created by specialists and inspired by best practices in pain psychology to provide users with educational content about pain and ways to manage it.

Chronic pain is a primary symptom in underlying conditions. Many people with chronic pain also live with anxiety/depression. Despite the comorbidity of mental health and chronic pain, the vast majority of people with chronic pain never receive psychological support.

ManagingLife created the Pain Guide to help close this gap in care. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of pain experts, the Pain Guide introduces topics that are typically discussed by pain psychologists such as how pain works and strategies to cope. Last year, researchers at the University Health Network published study results showing patients at three chronic pain clinics who used Manage My Pain had improved outcomes.

“When coupled with Manage My Pain’s other features and clinical care, the Pain Guide has the potential to further improve the quality of life for people with chronic pain,” said Dr. Hance Clarke, ManagingLife’s Medical Director.

The Pain Guide will be offered to all subscribers of Manage My Pain, including those who receive access to the solution from their pain clinics or insurer. Manage My Pain is available in seven languages.

[Source(s): ManagingLife, PR Newswire]