Moji introduces its new insulated Thermal Bag, designed to keep its Heated Foam Roller hot for up to 90 minutes. Simply heat the roller, put it in the bag, and take it with you to your yoga class, gym, dance studio, or anywhere you choose.
“Muscle soreness, pain, and tightness often keep you from working out. Foam rolling helps heal and relax muscle tissue and eases trigger points. Unfortunately, for many people, rolling hurts,” says Victor Viner, Moji’s founder and CEO, in a media release.

“By adding heat, our Moji Heated Foam roller helps to relax and soothe muscles and makes foam rolling feel good. Plus, the therapeutic heat increases blood flow as you roll, which helps to tighten loose muscles even more. We made the bag so people wouldn’t need to be near a microwave to benefit from heated foam rolling,” he adds.

The bag is water resistant, lightweight, soft, and easy to clean, according to the company.

[Source(s): Moji, PR Newswire]