Battle Creek Equipment Co, Fremont, Ind, announces the launch of a new line of Stay-Put cold therapy wraps to help treat chronic or acute pain, manage inflammation and accelerate recovery from injury. 

The Stay-Put products are available in four sizes, ranging from 12 x 8 inches up to 23 x 14 inches, plus a cervical model.  They come with proprietary gel technology, which remains flexible to well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, providing flexibility and effective cold therapy.

Their unique construction provides “dual-comfort” with one side “feeling less cold” than the other, allowing users to avoid uncomfortable “cold shock” when first applying the wrap. The medium and cervical units come with one elastic strap, and the larger sizes come with two straps to provide even cold therapy while in use. All seams are double sealed to prevent leakage. The wraps are washable and reusable.

Battle Creek Equipment Co is The Original Drug-Free Pain Relief Company…Hot & Cold Therapy products since 1931. For more information, visit Battle Creek Equipment Co.