FitOn announces the launch of its Living Pain Free series on its platform for employers and health plans, FitOn Health. Geared to help people alleviate pain from injuries or joint and muscle strains, this is the latest course available for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle without the need for expensive equipment or treatments. 

Developed in partnership with Dr. Tim DiFrancesco, DPT, former strength coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Living Pain Free course is a program that focuses on stretching and functional strength training for specific body parts and areas of discomfort, including lower back and knee pain. The course helps people uncover common symptoms, shows them how to address the issue, and – ultimately – provides them with exercises to help solve the problem and get back to living pain free.  

The course is immediately available and included for people who have access to FitOn Health through their employer or health plan as a benefit.

“Musculoskeletal issues cost employers nearly $600 billion annually in direct and indirect costs, and many people don’t have access to programs they so desperately need. FitOn Health provides employers and health plans with preventative digital health programs that have the potential to help mitigate more substantial costs in the future,” said Lindsay Cook, Founder and CEO of FitOn. 

“The Living Pain Free course will enable people to recover from an injury or strain, build confidence and feel their strongest from the comfort of their own home. Dr. Tim DiFrancesco, DPT has focused much of his career on diagnosis, strength training, and recovery and this course seamlessly breaks down his approach to alleviating pain and staying on track week-over-week to achieve superior outcomes.” 

FitOn Health includes an extensive range of expert-led courses for people managing chronic conditions to help them with lowering blood sugar, diabetes, stress, weight loss, sleep, fall prevention and more.

The expansion of FitOn Health’s course offerings comes off the heels of FitOn’s recent Peerfit acquisition earlier this year, which provides fitness and wellness benefits to employers nationwide through its deep relationship with leading health providers.