The strategic partnership that aims to provide more precise recovery and pain management solutions with integrated brace and cold compression products.

Aspen Medical Products (Aspen), a leader in solutions for mobility and pain management, and NICE Recovery Systems (NICE), a leading provider in the sports and injury recovery space, announced a strategic partnership that aims to bring more precise recovery and pain management solutions to patients and medical professionals alike with their new integrated brace and cold compression products.

The partnership leverages NICE’s advanced cold compression technology with Aspen’s effective bracing solutions to deliver pain management and post-operative care to patients recovering from surgery or injury. NICE therapy pads seamlessly attach to the market-leading Vista Cervical Collar and the Horizon 637, allowing patients to receive cold therapy and pneumatic compression in an all-in-one, easy-to-use device. This reduces symptoms of swelling, assists with lymphatic drainage, and improves recovery outcomes.

“Aspen’s partnership with NICE Recovery Systems affirms our commitment to furthering innovation in mobility and pain management,” says Jim Cloar, Aspen’s chief executive officer. “Our bracing solutions now deliver additional therapies with NICE cold compression therapy while retaining the same trusted fit and functionality, bringing patients unmatched pain control and post-operative care.”

The NICE system delivers precise cold therapy without ice – with programmable and customizable pneumatic compression and has been quickly adopted by clinicians as a tool to help people recover faster and manage pain. 

“Integrating our groundbreaking NICE iceless cold and compression system with Aspen’s world-renowned Vista Cervical Collar and Horizon brace will provide unparalleled relief and recovery to thousands of patients,” says Michael Ross, founder and chief executive officer of NICE Recovery Systems. “Our two companies share a passion for U.S.-based innovation, manufacturing and service and we are proud to have co-created such powerful tools for injury and surgery recovery.”