The new book, Ouch! Why Do I Hurt? Is a pain education book that teaches children about how pain works and how to address it.

OPTP announced a new addition to the Why Do I Hurt? series of patient-education books from pain science expert Adriaan Louw.

Ouch! Why Do I Hurt? is a 40-page softcover workbook and guide that provides a fun, interactive way to teach kids about how pain works and what to do about it.

The book was written for children in grades 1-6, however, the information is helpful for children of any age. It aims to help those currently experiencing pain and will prepare all other kids for future pain experiences. The book is also a resource for adults and healthcare providers who care for kids.

Written by physical therapists Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD; Jennifer Welter, PT, DPT; and Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT, the guide includes activities to get kids involved in the learning process and help them discover ways they can start to feel better.

Stories and metaphors are designed to help improve comprehension. For example, the nervous system is compared to a spiderweb in the body that wiggles to alert the spider to pay attention.

Ouch! Why Do I Hurt? also includes opportunities to write, color and draw throughout the book to make learning fun for kids.

Louw is a pain science expert who has taught postgraduate classes on spinal manual therapy and pain science for more than 20 years and regularly speaks at national and international conferences. At his physical therapy clinic, Louw blends hands-on therapy with neuroscience education, reducing pain through education.

Photo courtesy of OPTP