BioElectronics Corporation, in partnership with Scott Specialties Inc, announces the marketing of the drug-free ActiPatch pulsed shortwave therapy (PSWT) pain management devices under the DonJoy Advantage product line.

The new products will be marketed under DJO’s DonJoy Advantage (DJA) line of orthopedic appliances and sold as an EME Knee Wrap and an EME Back Wrap, “powered by ActiPatch,” according to a media release from BioElectronics Corporation.

In January 2020, BioElectronics obtained a 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ActiPatch, for the indication: “adjunctive treatment of musculoskeletal pain.”

“This is a great opportunity for the ActiPatch brand. We have executed on our OEM strategy by partnering with Scott Specialties this past spring and leveraging their relationship with DJO to drive ActiPatch sales.

“During the pandemic we have seen consumers continuing to seek alternatives to oral medicines for pain. By partnering with Scott Specialties and another soon-to-be-announced, major sports medicine company, we are confident that these innovative product offerings will meet the need for a growing demand.”

— Keith Nalepka, VP Sales and Marketing for BioElectronics

“We are thrilled to have the marketing strength of DonJoy Advantage coupled with the power of ActiPatch in products available to consumers online.

“A soft launch in retail outlets is scheduled for December, and the products will be promoted by DJO’s sales force in Q1, 2021.”

— Kelly Whelan, President of BioElectronics

[Source(s): BioElectronics Corporation, PR Newswire]

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