A large-scale, 3-year longitudinal cohort study published recently in Journal of Medical Internet Research suggests the effectiveness of digital health, such as that provided by Hinge Health, in helping to reduce chronic back & joint pain.

Conducted by researchers at Stanford University, University of California – San Francisco, and Vanderbilt University, the digital musculoskeletal (MSK) longitudinal study (N=10,264) suggests that each Hinge Health remote exercise therapy and coaching session had a direct correlation to pain reduction, with four in five participants who completed the program reporting a significant reduction in their chronic pain.

According to the results, each Hinge Health participant reduced their pain by 69%, reduced their depression and anxiety by 58%, increased their productivity by 61%, and decreased their surgery likelihood by 67%.

Via Hinge Health’s 1-on-1 coaching model, 73% of participants completed the 12-week exercise regimen, with each participant completing an average of 35 exercise therapy sessions, a media release from Hinge Health notes.

“Hinge Health’s best-in-class adherence and elective surgery avoidance rates validates why we’ve made the market-leading investment to have both physical therapists and 10x more health coaches support participants with chronic MSK pain,” Hinge Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jeffrey Krauss says in the release.

In response to COVID-19, more patients and employers are turning to remote healthcare delivery to address chronic health conditions and avoid non-essential visits to medical facilities. As patients defer treatment of chronic MSK pain, Hinge Health’s digital musculoskeletal solution is designed to allow patients to get the treatment they need at home, without overburdening hospitals or risking COVID-19 exposure at a medical facility.

“Since COVID-19, we’ve seen a surge of employers and health plans contact us to help after they saw thousands of in-person physical therapy and elective surgeries cancelled. We’ve recently expanded our clinical team 20% to support the surge in new members, and we are adding another 30% additional clinical capacity before the summer,” Hinge Health CEO and co-founder, Daniel Perez, shares in the release.

[Source(s): Hinge Health, PRWeb]