DJO LLC introduces Motion iQ, a software solution designed to transform the surgical journey by connecting the surgeon, care team, and patient throughout the continuum of care.

Motion iQ is engineered to help “hold that patient’s hand” through the entire episode of care with personalized messaging and customized home recovery exercises along with supportive content to reinforce and amplify the voice and guidance of the surgical team, a media release from DJO notes.

“The Motion iQ platform transforms the surgeon, practice, and patient experience through an industry-leading digital health solution, and we are proud to launch the first-ever platform that can provide real-time data and tracking to both the patient and care team.”

— Brady Shirley, CEO of DJO

Motion iQ helps empower patients to take an active role in their care through a more personalized and informed surgical journey, while providing the care team with continuous health and activity data.

This is How it Works

DJO explains how it works, as follows:

Patients download a simple, user-friendly app that allows them to send text and video messages as well as images to the care team and access personalized information, physical therapy exercises, and other resources. Motion iQ helps enable the care team to remotely track and monitor patient progress, allows patients and surgeons to communicate via direct messaging, and helps promote compliance through personalized patient education. A provider dashboard tracks patient data and provides progress reports, flagging patients who are not meeting recovery benchmarks or may need clinical interventions.

DJO plans to expand Motion iQ features and functionality with connected brace solutions, it adds.

[Source(s): DJO, Business Wire]

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