DePuy Synthes Companies launches Hit Play, a campaign to encourage those with hip and knee pain to not seek treatment only when the pain becomes unbearable (stay on “pause”) but to instead “hit play” and take action earlier to return to the people and activities they love.

A possibility for when patients “hit play” is to explore joint replacement with one’s doctor as a potential solution for their hip and knee pain.

The campaign includes a series of patient videos and vignettes that illustrate the impact of lessened mobility on patients and their loved ones.

“I’ve always taken pride in my athleticism, but around the age of 40 everyday things like bending down to tie a shoe or stepping into a car hurt,” says patient advocate, Rebekah Gleason Hope, who received two hip replacements, in a media release from DePuy Synthes Companies.

“Emotionally, it wears on you after a while, which is why I stopped settling for less and hit play on my life. After 8 weeks of physical therapy, I was back to my passions of bike riding and competing in cycling races again,” she adds.

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[Source(s): DePuy Synthes Companies, PR Newswire]