MedRisk announces it is integrating telerehabilitation into its Platinum Grade Program for managing physical medicine services among workers’ compensation patients.

“Telerehabilitation increases access to quality care, enhances efficiencies and supports greater patient satisfaction and compliance,” says Mary O’Donoghue, MedRisk’s chief clinical and product officer, in a media release from the King of Prussia, Pa-based company.

Screening tools and data analytics identify patients who could benefit from the blend of in-clinic physical therapy and telerehabilitation. Then, via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology, the on-staff physical therapist assesses the injured worker, develops a treatment strategy, and guides the treatment sessions.

The remote technology also captures clinical data on the patient’s performance, progress, and compliance so that clinicians can maximize their care management, per the release.

“We see telerehabilitation as a natural progression in the evolution of physical rehabilitation for injured workers,” O’Donoghue adds.

[Source(s): MedRisk, Business Wire]