Helius Medical Technologies launches UpScript, a new e-commerce site to help make it easier for people experiencing issues with their gait to obtain the company’s Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS) device.

When combined with an exercise regimen supervised by a physical therapist, the PoNS device could help improve gait impairment in people with MS.

This is reportedly the first time that Helius, a neurotech company focused on neurological wellness, has made PoNS available online via telehealth. The UpScript Platform makes it possible for people with MS to have a PoNS device delivered directly to their doorstep – a potential game-changer for someone facing walking challenges.

UpScript focuses on making medications and devices available direct-to-consumer. Its platform provides for 1) online health evaluations with qualified medical providers, 2) fulfillment of prescriptions required for PoNS Therapy, and 3) shipping of PoNS devices directly to the homes of eligible patients in the United States.

“People want to remove the barriers keeping them from walking their best walk; we want to provide the tools and technology that can help them achieve that goal. That’s what this new telemedicine partnership is all about,” said Helius President and Chief Executive Officer Dane Andreeff. “Our UpScript partnership simplifies and shortens the process of accessing healthcare providers and getting a PoNS device into the hands of people motivated to improve their walking. And it speaks to our commitment to help patients take the fight against MS into their own hands.”

Although the ability to access quality healthcare providers and the PoNS device through telemedicine and without leaving home is new, the other critical component of PoNS Therapy remains unchanged. Device buyers still must work with a trained physical rehabilitation therapist.

During the first two weeks of therapy, these experts work in-person with users, guiding them through therapeutic exercises designed to maximize the effectiveness of the device. For the following 12 weeks, users continue the therapy at home under their therapist’s supervision.

“People that have difficulty walking often face many challenges, but leveraging cutting-edge neurologic technology that can improve their day-to-day life shouldn’t be one of them,” Andreeff said. “With our new telemedicine partnership, the journey to better walking now can start with just a few keystrokes. And both Helius and UpScript are committed to serving them as they move along that journey through customer support, as well.”

[Source(s): Helius Medical Technologies Inc, GlobeNewswire]