Helius Medical Technologies announces the extension of the Patient Therapy Access Program (PTAP), a program that lowers the cost of the company’s Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS) for qualified people with multiple sclerosis.

PTAP, launched in June 2022 and slated to expire at the end of December 2022, is now active until June 30, 2023. It partially subsidizeses PoNS Therapy for people with MS who qualify through a proper prescription and letter of medical necessity.

The PoNS device delivers electrical impulses through nerve fibers on the tongue, stimulating the flow of neural impulses to areas of the brain that control gait. This creates a cascade of activity resulting in neuroplastic changes – essentially “rewiring” parts of the brain associated with walking. When paired with an exercise regimen supervised by a rehabilitation specialist, this activity improves gait impairment in people with MS.

“Helius’s passion is helping people with MS maximize their ability to walk, and we’re excited to make cutting-edge neurotech like PoNS available to more people, more often,” said Helius President and Chief Executive Officer Dane Andreeff. “PTAP brings PoNS to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience its benefits. Extending this program is just one initiative that illustrates our commitment to accessibility.”

“Our goal is to remove as many barriers to this technology as possible,” Andreeff said. “We hope that people with MS and their caregivers consider whether PoNS is for them and if they qualify for the assistance that PTAP provides. When someone’s gait is impaired the stakes are often too high not to explore every opportunity for improvement.”

[Source(s): Helius Medical Technologies Inc, Globe Newswire]