Healthclick offers “Restoring Functional Gait,” an online training course that aims to help therapists return their patients to optimal gait patterns to limit falls and increase mobility.

Goals include helping the therapist understand the fundamentals of gait, assess gait patterns, and develop the most appropriate treatment strategy for their patients.

The course will address the key to identifying deficits that contribute to abnormal gait patterns and how to build each system appropriately. It will detail a systematic approach that will enhance a physical therapist’s differential diagnosis skills when assessing gait patterns and develop comprehensive rehabilitation programs designed to improve functional gait at home and in the community.

Material will be presented using high-quality multi-angle video content of real patient case studies. The therapist can pause and resume video content, supplemented by transcription and key points highlighted in the accompanying text-based information.

This course is available in Healthclick’s online course subscription. For more information, visit Healthclick.

[Source(s): Healthclick, PRWeb]

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