A survey conducted as part of World Osteoporosis Day finds that 7 out of 10 women ages 60+ think fragile bones are an inevitable part of getting older. Less than half said healthcare professionals had spoken to them about osteoporosis or fragility fractures.

The survey of 500 women in the United States ages 60 and older, conducted by Harris Interactive Ltd and UCB Inc, reveals a startling lack of awareness and understanding of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in those most at risk.

Nearly half (49%) of those surveyed said their knowledge of osteoporosis was low or very low, with 52% thinking fragility fractures in older age are often a result of an unlucky fall or accident, even though the underlying cause of the fracture may be osteoporosis rather than simply old age.

A strong majority (91%) of respondents said they are more interested in being proactive about managing their health and well-being compared to their parents’ generation. While patients have expressed a desire to be proactive, the survey found only 15% of respondents bring up the topic of osteoporosis with their healthcare professional when they visit them. Still less than half (49%) said their healthcare professional had spoken to them about osteoporosis or fragility fractures, explains a media release from UCB Inc.

“Our survey confirmed, older Americans want to live longer, healthier lives and want to be proactive about managing their health and well-being,” says Todd Peterson, head of the US Bone Patient Value Unit, in the release.

“Increased awareness of osteoporosis and the risks associated with fragility fractures is an important part of ensuring we can meet the needs of our aging population.”

Dr Pascale Richetta, Head of Bone and Executive Vice President at UCB, states that, “Worldwide, fragility fractures affect one in three women aged 50 and above. Yet the survey shows that those most likely to experience a fragility fracture are unaware of the condition and the significant impact it can have on their independence and quality of life.”

“From the survey it’s plain to see that today’s over 60’s maintain a great passion for life and aspirations beyond those of their parents’ generation, so questions must be asked as to why a condition that today causes more than 8.9 million fragility fractures annually and can be an obstacle to healthy aging is being overlooked.”

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[Source(s): UCB Inc, PR Newswire]