Telemedicine provider TelaCare announces the addition of medical specialty services to its offering. Sports medicine practitioners are now among the board-certified professions available to provide unlimited no additional cost consultations.

Others added to the site are pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, dietitians, and alternative medicine professionals.

“Many Americans are without access to quality care today, and now for the first time ever, patients seeking virtual care will have even greater access and more care options thanks to this unique specialty offering from TelaCare,” says Larry Jones, CEO, TelaCare, in a media release.

“Adding these additional telemedicine services to our patients at no additional charge helps us to build upon our goal of offering a broad suite of solutions to our employer and health plan partners, all with a common goal of providing consumers with better access to high quality care at a lower cost,” he adds.

[Source(s): TelaCare Health Solutions LLC, PR Newswire]