Physitrack Ltd, headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif, together with Apple, have launched two new apps.

The new Physitrack iOS app is for healthcare practitioners. The new app for patients is being released under the separately trademarked brand name PhysiApp, per a media release from Physitrack Ltd.

The apps were redeveloped following the results of a client satisfaction survey, in which the concerns were the complexity of the user interface and the time required by a healthcare practitioner using the app to build and assign exercise programs, according to Nathan Skwortsow, co-founder and CTO of Physitrack.

“Thanks to our developer teams and support from Apple, we’ve been able to cut the time it takes a practitioner to assign a program to a patient to as little as a few seconds. This will simplify clinical usage, as well as have a dramatically positive effect on the patient journey,” he adds.

The new apps are available in the Apple App Store as well as by visiting Physitrack.

[Source(s): Physitrack Ltd, Business Wire]