According to data collected from nearly 6,300 respondents to a Gallup survey, 78% of respondents would opt for drug-free treatments such as physical therapy over taking prescription opioids to treat their pain.

A reason for that, according to 44% of respondents, is that opioids are viewed as a “crisis” or “very serious problem,” and something they would not wish to partake in.

Instead, per a news article published on, 68% of the respondents chose physical therapy as the safest option.

“While public perceptions of options for drug-free pain management vary, these findings suggest that Americans are aware of the dangers associated with opioid misuse and are open to drug-free alternatives for pain management,” the study authors write. “These developments could be a sign of a future where patients and health care professionals alike are trying drug-free treatment options before relying on opioids.”